Hike Testimonials From Throughout The Years

Sun, rain, nothing stopped us a hiking we did go!! Hanging with old friends and making new friends what a wonderful time. I love being part of the one family fund family. Year five and another week I will never forget!

- Karen B

This was my first year on the hike and will certainly not be my last. Listening to the victims personal stories, meeting my fellow hikers and most of all getting to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Israel made this a journey I will never forget.

- Carolyn Cherney

The experience of the hike is always wonderful.  Meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends, learning with the guides, meeting with families and individuals we are there to support, bonding, laughing, crying, sharing stories is what makes it so special.  Despite weather issues we were still able to pull it off. The music, as always, was "super".  Loved it all!!

- Susan

It was with great anxiety that I embarked on what turned out to be one of the most meaningful and incredible journeys of my life. To One Family Fund thank you for your incredible work. I was humbled to be a part of this trip with you and to my fellow hikers thank you for your support encouragement and friendship.  Looking forward next years trip already!

- Fay Weisberg

Each year the hike is different , for a variety of reasons .... The five days we spent together this year was, yet again, a most meaningful and memorable experience. Despite the unexpected torrential rains which we had never experienced in the past, the Routes team managed to provide us with the best of the best !!  And once again, we were able to physically and emotionally experience the support we, as ONE FAMILY, provide to so many Israelis. Every year for so many reasons, we look forward to this rewarding, fun and memorable group experience !!!!

- Robyn and Saul xo

For 8 years we have hiked throughout Israel to raise money for victims of terror. We have had the opportunity to form lasting friendships in Israel and at home. Mother Nature challenged us this year but somehow we saw sunshine and hiked beautiful trails. We loved hiking with all of you and sharing a meaningful experience in Israel.  

L'shanah haba bi yerushalaim
לשנה הבאה בירושלים

- xo Lynda and Bruce

As always, the Hike was a wonderful experience, despite some weather glitches. Thanks to the amazing co-chairs, Routes, and Michael and his crew for thinking so fast on their feet and really going beyond expectations to keep everything running so smoothly! I enjoyed getting to know so many people I hadn't met before. All in all, it was a fantastic journey.
Thanks to you Jonni for putting this together.

- Dianne

This was my 5th hike, and each hike is as meaningful as the last. Thank you to my fellow hikers - I enjoyed spending time with each and every one of you. Loved the hiking, wonderful cause, and what's better than being in Eretz Israel!!
Hope to see you soon.

- Judy

What a privilege it was to travel with the awesome one family find participants and leaders. For me, hearing  the victims stories and having the opportunity to develop a one on one rapport with victims in both Israel (and some in Toronto) was a highlight. It afforded a hands-on experience that enabled me to better understand their challenges grief and survival. The trip was not only tons of fun but also deeply meaningful. It also clarified the responsibility we all have to support our brothers and sisters in any way we can. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to once again be blown away by the critical work done by one family find and hope I can continue to be a part of it.  Lhetraot,

- Fern

This hike was my first hike back since 2010. The experience was even more powerful than I remembered it to be. Meeting and speaking with victims and sharing the stories of all the beautiful people I hiked with reminds us all that at one time or another we are all "brought to our knees". I am proud to be part of this hike which fuels hope for all the victims we help and helps to give them strength to prop up their lives. While their lives will never be the same, we are all a part of helping them carry on.
Am Israel Chai! xoxo

- Shelley Tushinski

You never really know a person, or understand things from their point of view, until you walk a mile in their shoes. We walked (hiked) in our own shoes, but we listened to their stories, and we can empathize and offer some comfort and support. That is something worthwhile, and worth repeating. Until the next time...

- Jessica

2015 was my first one family fund hike. What an incredible organization!  This year, for me, hiking to raise funds for victims of terror was particularly meaningful. The group of hikers I met on this excursion were an absolute incredible bunch. What fun we had! 2015 was my first one family fund hike - but definitely not my last. See you in 2016!

- Jodi

Thanks for a wonderful experience. It really was so much more than we ever expected. Meeting One Family recipients was especially meaningful.  The hike was fantastic. Exhilarating yet fun and the only thing missing was a beer kiosk along the trail. We congratulate One Family Fund and the difference it makes in so many people's lives. Kol Hakavod and may its services one day no longer be needed. Fondly

- Debbie Tessler and Ed Glina

What a unique and incredible experience!  From the exquisite hikes to the warm and fun camaraderie, I have never experienced Israel quite like this before. But by far the most moving experience and one which has had the greatest impact on me, was meeting the victims, hearing their stories and feeling their gratitude towards OFF.  I loved every second of my time there! I look forward to seeing you again soon. Take good care,

- Shelley Levitt

What an incredible experience- to view captivating sites, to participate in exhilarating hikes, to meet phenomenal people and all for a great cause. So happy that I had the opportunity to participate!

- Paula Gardner

Another meaningful year. Physically, spiritually, and emotionally challenging.
Praying for peace

- Simmy

This trip to Israel strengthened our continued commitment to OneFamily. Having the opportunity to interact with so many people affected by terror reinforced the importance of our support, both financially and emotionally. The added bonus was being able to challenge ourselves physically and experience hiking in Israel in a variety of terrains. We got to meet many new people who are also passionate about their support for OneFamily and we really enjoyed spending time with them. Thank you to Routes, the guides, medics & the hike chairs for helping to make this trip incredible.

- Ellen and Mel

It exceeded my expectations in so many ways and on so many levels. Lisa and I always have fun when we travel together, but it was a wonderful bonus to travel with many of my other amazing family members. I learned a lot about tzadakah from the fundraising experience and from those that helped me reach my goal. I learned a lot about my physical (and mental) abilities from the daily hikes, with the added gift of beautiful vistas as my reward. But mostly I learned about the strength, courage and resilience of people from the victims helped by One Family. These people I met are truly inspirational.

- Jeannie

How lucky we were to be able to share in such a special trip.....the hike, the experience, meeting heroes that survived tragedies....and formed a bond with people we had never met before!  The warmth and kinship that was shown to us made us feel very lucky. Thank you, All our love.

- Sandy & Joey Schreter, Montreal

The trip was great. I really enjoyed climbing the mountains. Everybody was very nice to me. I'm glad we raised slot of money for the people who were hurt by terrorists.

- David Whyne 

Great cause
Great people - Great time 
Thanks to all who made this a memorable experience for my son and me.

- Mitch Whyne

To move from being an organizer to a participant on the hike was wonderful. I loved the hiking, the friendships, the connectedness and the sharing. An awesome experience that I hope to repeat! Love,

- Pam Albert

I had no idea of what to expect as I embarke on my first One Family hike. What an extraordinary experience. The other people on the hike were always ready with a helping hand. The One Family work was eye opening and inspiriting I was proud to participate.

- Andrew Weisberg

This is the fourth year of doing the hike.  I started this journey to support my sister and brother in law. Through the years I have learnt so much about the organization and realized the great work it does. This year my daughters joined us - it was thrilling to do this with them and see how their understanding of the organization has touched their hearts too. Hopefully through them we will reach another generation. Loved being together with everyone!!!!

- Ellen Cherney

…a rainbow over the Dead Sea…amazing things happen in Israel…

- Lisa

Having never hiked before, for me the experience was amazing! Listening to the victims was both heartbreaking and enlightening. I'm so glad to be part of OneFamily and look forward to next year’s hike.

- Ann

The Cross Israel Hike is a highlight on our calendar every year! I can't think of a more meaningful way to connect with Israel, her land and people.

- Bruce

This year's hike closed a parenthesis for me in that it was my second time doing the OneFamily Sea to Sea route. After the very first hike, I assumed no other hike could match it....was I ever wrong! Each trek got better and better, and this year was the best! Thank you to all my fellow hikers; and courage, strength and peace to all the victims.

- Julie

I'm a first-time hiker and it was an incredible experience. What a recipe! Starts with the beauty of Israel, both the people and the land. Add in the horrific experiences and it becomes apparent that the work that OneFamily Fund does is so crucial and so appreciated by the families affected by victims of terror. Include the exercise element and top it off by spending quality time with other people who share your values. Don't forget great food, cool lodgings. All in all, fabulous and unforgettable.

- Howard

Summer 2014, Fall 2014. Each in our own way shared the pain, and then the hope. Blessed to share with Sara and all of you.

- Harvey

I can imagine nothing more fun than dancing on the beach, with my ‘OneFamily’ friends. So satisfying to end such an up and down trip, both physically and emotionally.

- Lisa

Wow, who can believe it was my fourth hike and yes I managed to find new rocks to hike on!! Once again I got to share this great experience with warm and wonderful people as well as the OneFamily Fund families. It is the stories told, the people met and the beautiful land of Israel that keeps me coming back. Once again a week I will never forget!

- Karen

Well, this year we all enjoyed another fantastic all-round hike experience in magnificent Israel!! Great group of people, great stories, great guides and staff, great food, great hiking – we have so many wonderful, beautiful and heart-warming memories to treasure! An all-round fabulous experience! We already can’t wait for next year.

- Robyn and Saul

We hike in solidarity, we hike in protest, we hike as one family. Physically, mentally and spiritually this hike takes us on a journey to heal and take steps forward. This year was seamless and my boots are waiting in the cupboard for next October. It is my way of supporting Israel and the people who live in the country that I call mine.

- Simmy

Aaaah, the hike! As always, it was a truly amazing experience. This year was more emotional because of the war in the summer and the very recent losses for families. So wonderful to reunite with hikers from previous hikes and to meet, bond and form new friendships with the "first timers". My music buddies make the experience an extra special treat for me. Can't wait for next year!!

- Susan

This experience never gets old. 5th time in and seems to get better and better. Learning new things every time like speaking to Muslim parents of volunteer IDF soldiers who died in the line of duty. Can't wait for next year!

- Tzvi

To be a participant on the hike was a new experience for me, and it was awesome! It was filled with learning, fun, laughter, love, challenges, new friendships and so much heart! Thank you to Lynda and Neil for creating such an outstanding experience.

- Pam

The hike was spectacular as usual, but given the events of this past summer, this year's event was more poignant than ever. The juxtaposition of spending time with fantastic fellow hikers and walking in gorgeous terrain, while also meeting and speaking with bereaved parents who were still in mourning for their sons and young girls who had just lost their brothers seemed to represent Israel well.

- Bonnie

From Ashkelon to the Iron Dome. From Tel Aviv to the Galilee. From the Mediterranean to the Kinneret. The experience we share with each other and with the survivors of terror is ever lasting. It is an honour to hike with you all and for the people of the mighty State of Israel.

- Anita

After four wonderful and fulfilling OneFamily hikes, how could this year be as fulfilling? Because a lot of the fellow hikers I have grown to cherish were back again, each with their special qualities - outgoing, quiet, considerate, fun loving, creative, comical, musical, tone deaf, active, and all around exciting … And Pam was back but in a new role enjoying the hike even more for what it is … And Gary added a whole new Gary dimension, as we watched him learn to understand the incredible value of OneFamily as he personalized his own experience. Our guides and medics were the same and different and all great. The food was gourmet and plentiful. We learned, worked, relaxed, had fun and shared. Is there a better way to spend time in Israel, and is there a better way to spend time period?

- Michael D.

To our fellow hikers, thank you for making this year's hike so meaningful and fun. The work we do and the funds we raise make a difference to the lives of the people we help. For the victims of terror knowing that there are people in the Diaspora who care and who are there to listen means so much. For every Hiker, it is an opportunity to see Israel in a new and different way, to make new friends and to pay it forward. The need for the work OneFamily does is ongoing. We look forward to hiking with you again.

- With love & gratitude, Lynda and Neil (hike co-chairs)

One Step. One Life. One Family.