About OneFamily

Our Mission:

OneFamily Fund Canada provides direct medical, financial, psychological and legal assistance to Israel’s victims of terror.

In September 2000, a wave of terrorism and violence began sweeping its way across Israel and became know as the ‘Intifadah’. In the wake of such destruction and sorrow, Marc and Chantal Belzberg of Jerusalem founded OneFamily Fund after their 12 year old daughter, Michal, opted to donated the money to be spent on her Bat Mitzvah celebration to benefit those affected by terror attacks in Israel.

OneFamily Fund has since grown to become Israel’s pre-eminent non-profit organization dedicated to providing victims of terror and their families direct medical, financial, psychological and legal assistance. Funded entirely by private sector contributions, OneFamily Fund and its network of field workers, counsellors and hundreds of volunteers are committed to providing immediate and long-term assistance aimed at helping terror victims find a way to get back to their pre-attack functioning level.

From the moment of an attack, OneFamily is there – in hospitals with the injured and in homes with the bereaved providing personalized assistance to victims and their families throughout Israel. Our Centres located in Jerusalem, Ra’anana and Hadera offer various programs, therapeutic workshops and retreats aimed at supporting and emotionally strengthening the thousands of individuals and their families whose lives have been shattered by terrorism.

Some of the supportive programs offered by OneFamily Fund include:

For more in depth information on the various supportive programs, direct aid and assistance provided by OneFamily Fund, visit our website at www.onefamilyfund.ca.

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It has been reported that since the existence of the State of Israel, more Israelis have been murdered and injured in attacks of terrorism than in all the nation’s wars. Through the support and encouragement of OneFamily Fund, terror victims and their families are finding ways to renew their strength and gain hope in overcoming the horrors that have forever changed their lives.

It takes more than time to heal the wounds of Israel’s tens of thousands of Victims of Terror. It takes One Family.

One Step. One Life. One Family.